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Tips on How to Be Happy — Ways to Find Happiness in Life

Finding happiness is quite possibly the most important goal in life – to truly be happy, one must follow their bliss and follow their dreams.

Although many people’s dreams include being successful and making a lot of money, perhaps the most important dream and aspiration of humankind is to find happiness in life. Yet discovering how to be happy is not as easy as it sounds; if it were, there would be far fewer problems in the world. Happiness is a state of being in which the world seems right — there is a warm feeling in your chest and a spring in your step. To answer the question on how to be happy in life is thus a bit complicated, and while there may be no one true answer, there are some important tips that can help you find that happiness and fulfillment.

Follow Your Heart and Intuition

Many times in life, when we are presented with a major decision, we analytically choose the most gainful choice. While this is usually useful financially or materialistically, it is not always the best choice for your happiness and your health. Sometimes the best voice to listen to is the voice of your intuition — the voice that tells you to live out your dreams. Do not let money, success or the goals of others force you to take a path in life you do not wish to take. In order to find happiness, you must follow your bliss and do something that you love — as the saying goes, follow your heart.

Make Enough Money for Comfort

Continuing on from the point of not making money the source of your happiness, money is still needed in discovering how to be happy. With the basic comforts that money provides, such as food, clothing, shelter, and some recreational activities, you will then be able to experience and find happiness in life. Problems arise when making money becomes what makes you happy — it is the family and friends that you have that should bring a smile to your face. Research from the NCPA even shows that having a lot more money “doesn’t always buy happiness.”

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Lastly, the key to finding happiness is to also find some time to be with your loved ones. When enjoying life with the ones you love, your friends and family, you will not only realize that they are the answer to how to be happy, but that they inspire you to become a more content person altogether. Spending time with those that care about you and encourage you to be optimistic is what life is really all about. Be optimistic and smile often — no, not only often, but always.

Always be Happy!!

So, to Answer the Question on How to Be Happy

Overall, happiness is less a dream of what good things may come in the future, and instead more of an outlook or perspective on life. According to WebMD, one of most common myths of how to be happy is the belief that “happiness is a destination.” By having an optimistic attitude and being grateful for what they have at the present moment, people may find that the happiness they are searching for is right in front of them. When you discover what you have a passion for and then pursue that interest, love, or activity, you will find yourself more fulfilled than ever before. So stop thinking about how to be happy; rather, start appreciating the life you have or begin working toward the life you want in order to find happiness in life.